Old Dominion Hay

Feeding Your Passion


Our farmers are selected by their ability to produce quality forage while incorporating environmentally sustainable practices. Our belief is that in order to provide nutritional products to the end-user the process needs to begin with the seed selection and the quality of the soils to which they are grown. We believe the overuse of chemical applications and the use of GMO seeds that are developed to handle harsh chemical applications are counterproductive to our Equine and K-9 nutritional requirements.

As the public becomes more conscious of the negative impacts to our feed and forage product we remain diligent to work with farmers to develop practices that will reduce the negative impact and restore our soil health. We also provide biological products that have shown to produce a healthier yield for Corn production (as tested in our area) and we continue to see positive results of the use of biological applications in the Forage industry (Western Forage poducers) as well. Some of our Western hay is cultivated on Organic Farms and the results are purely wonderful.

Why don’t we purchase hay from local farmers? Our climate is not conducive to consistently growing a quality forage product. You see I said consistent, the state of Virginia during the months of the forage growing season (May - September) is Hazy, Hot and Humid, and in some years quite rainy. This climate makes hay making difficult as forage needs to be dried to 12% moisture prior to baling. Hay that is baled with moisture levels above 12% may become spoiled and moldy and cannot be fed to horses.

All of our hay is weighed out so know how much you are feeding and paying for what you need.

Canadian Forage

The unique aspect of our Canadian forage is in the drying process which enables our farmers to produce premium quality forage in any situation.  The result is Timothy, Orchard and Alfalfa that is cut in a tender stage providing a nutritional quality forage.

Timothy cut at just the right time produces small tender seed heads and soft grass.

The Alfalfa is harvested at just the right time to provide ultimate levels of protein and the leaf is abundant on the stem.

We source Orchard, Timothy and Alfalfa as well as blends. This forage is available from us all year round.

North Eastern Forage

North Eastern Forages grown in high elevations produce beautiful forage while challenges may remain for baling and moisture content.  The farmers are experts in what they do and man they do it well.  The  rich soils produce a highly palatable and nutritional forage.  

We source Orchard, Timothy and Alfalfa as well as blends. This forage is available from us all year round.

Western Forage

Western Forages are our signature product.  Grown in elevations above 8000 ft in mineral rich soils.  The Western climate is dry and allows for the baling process to begin quickly, the product is high in nutrition and retains the outstanding beautiful green color and aromatic smell that people have come to enjoy feeding.

This product is a favorite for delivery as the bales weigh in range from 65 to 100 pounds.

We source Orchard, Timothy and Alfalfa as well as blends.  This forage is available from us all year round.