Old Dominion Hay

Feeding Your Passion


We carry all the popular brands of shavings we even made some shavings popular by carrying them (word gets out fast when you carry a good product)


The most popular and for good reason.  This product expands to 10CF and is a small highly absorbent pine flake.

Royal Wood

We carry the Medium Flake which is great for creating a soft bedding and perfect footing for a foaling area.

Guardian Pellet

This product is highly absorbent and is placed in the stall and then water is sprayerd across the top so it expands, or you can leave it as is and overtime your horse will break it down by walking.  It is also useful to be placed underneath water buckets to absorb extra water as it spills over, or in areas where puddling occurs (aids in drying out area).


We carry the Fine Flakes and they expand to 8CF.  They are highly absorbent and provide low dust.  They are made from organic pine trees which are grown by the company Suncoast.

If you have an equine with allergies you may consider the Suncoast brand.